Learning Mandarin is alone hard; let’s fail in public instead!

Learning Mandarin is alone hard; let’s fail in public instead!



I’ve been learning Mandarin for about 8 months, one of which has been spent in Mainland doing a heck of a lot of studying.
I know how to speak French (but never practice!!) and I’ve studied Japanese in the past; English is my native language.

The ultimate goal is to get relatively fluent in Chinese, alongside Japanese and to blow the piles of dust that have accumulated on my poor, poor unloved French skills. My current goal is to take the HSK 3 exam perhaps within a year, maybe during the period of 2017 (or 20XX, haha). I also need to get better at my use of pinyin and tones, because wow! I sure am good at mixing up words and messing up sentences when speaking with natives. :O

I want to get better and also collate my notes my notes into one place – I have so many note books all over the world (literally) – I’ve decided to start a blog.
The title comes from a phrase my roommate taught me, 好好学习天天上 (good good study day day up).
Basically, if you study hard, you’ll get better.
Considering that not only am I studying languages, I’m also doing joint majors in science, this is something I need to write on my forehead… so let’s ignore the fact that I’ve got a textbook open next to me and I’m writing a blog instead. :¬D

Onward and upwards!!

Wish me luck, eh?



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